Our Commitment

Tradition, responsibility, appreciation - the key principles of our corporate culture

We believe in hard work. In the German Eifel you have always had to work harder to achieve your goals. Probably the region shaped us in this.

As a family-owned company in the second generation, we have been working for our customers for 50 years now and hold the top of the TOP suppliers for plants in the European timber industry. We do this with passion and commitment. We stand by our home and our roots. "Made in Germany" is not just a slogan for us - we ensure work and added value in the region.

With more than 170 employees at two German locations, we develop, plan, manufacture and assemble efficient complete solutions for the sawmill, veneer, wood-based materials and pellet industry. All HOLTEC workflows are subject to a stringent process orientation. Customers appreciate our products worldwide.


The HOLTEC principle

Our daily motivation: we do more at HOLTEC

We do more for our customers, employees, partners. We do not understand this principle as a new advertising slogan, but as a guiding principle for our daily work. No matter what we do or where we do it, our claim is to do more! More commitment, more flexibility, more commitment, more innovation, more personality, more humanity, more performance and more passion. A lived partnership with our customers, with our employees and our suppliers is our ultimate goal!


We listen to our customers. Whatever – we make it possible:

Our customers are in the foreground of all considerations. We develop products that bring real customer benefits. Longer runtimes, higher performance, less wear, lower operating costs. To do that, we really need to know the needs of our customers. We can learn this by listening. Our customers are the best source of ideas. We take this potential very seriously, the suggestions from the market are priceless to us. So we have managed to adapt our products for all performance areas. The market leaders in the sawmill and wood-based panel industry today use HOLTEC technology in the largest and fastest systems. It goes without saying that all areas of the company, including the management, maintain intensive customer contact.


Our claim: We do our best to be the best.

Round wood manipulation in the sawmill, parcel saws, lumber yards for the wood-based panel industry and an excellent service. These four pillars justify our company's success - and it will stay that way. To be as good as the best in the world means to fragment the available resources. HOLTEC is the unchallenged world market leader in parcel saws with more than 9,000 machines sold. In the handling of roundwood our strength lies in flexible solutions for all size ranges. Here, Holtec has fought to the top in Europe in recent decades.

Today, we offer by far the widest and most differentiated program in the field of round timber handling throughout Europe. From long to short wood. From small timber to strong wood.


Not afraid of the big ones

True to the David principle - "Do not be afraid of the big ones" - we limit ourselves to our very own virtues and go well with it. An open corporate culture with open doors, fair treatment of our employees and partners and the daily motivation and fascination for our work characterize us. And we know where we come from. The many small and medium-sized businesses have made us what we are now - and we do not forget that. Today, large-scale plants are a very important pillar - but we are not just concentrating on major projects. We also offer the full product range in all performance classes, from small carriers to large corporations.

We look forward to continuing along this path together with you.