Ute Klement is the daughter of HOLTEC´s founder Peter Klement and grew up with the company. She has been with HOLTEC since 1997 and leads the company with 2nd generation Alexander Gebele.

Alexander Gebele joined the company in 1998. He grew up in a sawmiller's family and from an early age was involved with sawmills. At HOLTEC, he is responsible for the areas of technology, innovation, sales and marketing. His activities focus on advising the customers on site, collaborating on the project and further developing the machines and plants.

As the owner of the company, Ute Klement is the managing director for finances and responsible for all questions and decisions concerning personnel.

Ute Klement

General Management
Personnel and Finances

Tel. +49 2482 / 82 - 83
Fax +49 2482 / 82 - 25

Alexander Gebele

General management
Marketing and Sales

Tel. +49 2482 / 82 - 15
Fax +49 2482 / 82 - 25