Our smallest one – at cutting a quite great one

Handy, precise and flexible in use, that is the Piccolo. Our entry model most reasonable in price. It is universally and economically usable for clean cuts and middle cust of timber packages and logs. 

  • portable package crosscut saw in light execution
  • cutting assembly with STIHL chain type Rapid Super 0.404" for extreme smooth surfaces and HOLTEC guide bars (stellite armoured on both sides - four times turnable)
  • electric motor 5.5 kW
  • high cutting performance
  • for package cross sections of up to 1.15 m x 1.15 m and log diameters of up to 1.3 m


More information can be found as a PDF download in our brochure

You can see our Piccolo mobile chainsaw in action here:

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