SOLID LINE - The solid solution for medium and large-scale operations

cutting capacity approx. 50 - 300.000 m³

At HOLTEC Solid-line represents solid plant construction, reliability and performance. Whether short or long timber, light or heavy wood - HOLTEC is a leader in the versatility of plant engineering capability. We develop the optimal concept for every requirement.

The chainless Separation Technology mainly fostered by HOLTEC has become a brand in the industry sector. If possible we avoid using chains as they are subject to wear and cause high operating costs due to lubrication and exchange.

Conveying systems for long logs and short logs

For longitudinal conveyors and cross conveyors. The v-shaped rollerway log-runner sets a new benchmark

Feeding and separating systems

Highest efficiency with the patented separation system chainless

Crosscut lines and crosscut saws

Solutions for all diameter ranges

Sorting systems with sorting control

In concrete or in steel, as single box or as over-run box for highest sorting speed

Waste handling systems of all types

Suitably dimensioned waste handling, adapted to the application, for self-profitability

Electrical control and switch systems

Customer-oriented solutions from the switch cabinet construction to the process programming and visualization

Debarkers and butt-reducers

Capacities of more than 120 m/min debarking speed and butt reducing times of less than 4 sec/short log

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