In the 1960s the company Siegfried GÖLZ, Blumenthal/Eifel (at that time general agency of the company STIHL, Waiblingen for North Rhine-Westphalia) realises the upcoming requirement for systems in the sawmill industry. Peter Klement, later general manager and cofounder of HOLTEC, is entrusted with the establishment of a department for sawmill technology. An interesting task for the young graduate engineer from Rosenheim.


In the 1970s the department for sawmill technology a separate company HOLTEC GmbH & Co., founded by the partners company GÖLZ, company SÄNGER & MASSIERER, Uwe Becker and Peter Klement. The contact to STIHL persists: Together the first package crosscut saws are developed. At first HOLTEC produces in licence order – later the tilting saws are developed further independently. The same time saw the build-up of an office building and a production hall which needs to be enlarged at the end of the 1970s.


Beginning of the 1980s HOLTEC establishes the sales organisation HOLTEC USA. In the meantime the office and construction buildings have been enlarged several times. At the end of the 1980 HOLTEC counts 100 employees.


Begnning of the 1990s HOLTEC establishes further production facility NLO (Niederlassung Ost, i.e. branch east) newly-formed German states in Jänkendorf / Saxony. Several components are produced here. In addition to systems for the sawmill industry and package crosscut saws, HOLTEC starts in the wood-based panel industry at the end of the 1990s with a big project.


Being the sole owner of HOLTEC GmbH & Co. KG since 2003, Peter Klement retires from the operative business in 2005 and passes on the general management to his daughter Ute Klement, business graduate for human resources and finances as well as to Alexander Gebele, graduate engineer/MBM for technology and sales.

There are further modernisations and expansions at both production sites so that the total production area in Blumenthal and Jänkendorf is today 10,000 m². From the beginning in 1970 HOLTEC is nowadays a global acting, medium-sized family business and TOP supplier for systems for the wood industry.

Today HOLTEC is a company with 160 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 35 million Euro.

Foundation members
in 1970

shareholder GÖLZ, SÄNGER & MASSIERER, Uwe Becker and Peter Klement (2nd r.)

Office building and
company cars in 1970

Peter Klement