Maderas Vicente Castillo starts operation of HOLTEC package crosscut saw

For years, Maderas Vincente Castillo assigns its highest priority to a professionally equipped production and technical innovations. Also the new installation had to meet the customer’s satisfaction in this regard. “We do not make any compromises”, declared Pedro Poyatos Genovés, responsible Production Manager. The decision was taken in spring 2017 in favour of a high capacity installation including mechanisation for feeding the long timber packages. Heart of the installation forms the saw unit type VarioCut which was developed especially for the pallet industry with its high demands for performance and accuracy.

The long timber packages are fed by a cross conveyor. Several long packages can be placed one after the other by skids installed in the cross transport. Subsequently, the sawn timber packages are transferred to a rollerway and pass through an automatic binding system type Cyklop in longitudinal transport. Here the packages are being prepared for the following cutting process. Via a chain conveyor, the prepared packages are transferred to a carriage. The latter does not only guarantee an exact positioning of the long packages, but also separates the cutting from the bandaging process, so that the greatest possible flexibility is achieved. The cutting is made by the high-capacity saw unit type VarioCut. The short packages are finally handed over to a cross conveyor to also have the unloading process as independent as possible from the cutting process.

All in all, Maderas Vincente Castillo handles about 200 m³ sawn timber per day with the plant which is then processed in the four palette production plants at the site.