Wood chips production in Brittany, France

In the beginning of 2013 HOLTEC received the inquiry from ASWOOD in the Normandy. The task was a complete wood chip production with debarker for the sister company “Bretagne Pellets” in Brittany, France to produce pellets.


ASWOOD is an enterprise of the group Gastebois in Bouleville, France and a good customer of HOLTEC for years. HOLTEC has already installed similar systems in Germany, Poland and Russia. By this experience HOLTEC could promptly design and present layouts and proposals. On the LIGNA 2013 it became a precise project. The capacity should be approx. 30 t b.d./h.

We planned an automatic log infeed with bar separation and dosed transfer by step feeder to the HOLTEC Rotary-debarker type variobarker . This is a one-section-debarker for smaller wood volume. The machine is equipped like the larger ones with a “Vario-System” adjustable in height. By this system the debarking quality as well as the through put can be adjusted. Furthermore the installation has a metal detector, a chipper as well as chip transport systems to the different storage areas.


Mid-2014 HOLTEC received the order for a scheduled start-up of production by end 2014. It was a real challenge for all and has only been delayed by approx. 4 weeks caused by the weather conditions. Since February 2015 production is running.