HOLTEC receives order from FOREST SAWMILL

Integration of butt-reducer bypass at UK’s largest specialist fencing sawmill

'Manufactured in the UK using locally sourced timber’, is FOREST GARDEN’s mission. The group operates two separate divisions, Forest Garden and Forest Sawmills, the latter operating out of two sites with the largest being based in Lockerbie (Scotland) and has the largest specialist fencing sawmill in the country. The Sitka Spruce in Scotland grows quite well with the damp, mild climate. The rapid growth of the trees results in butt-ends larger than average. These butt-ends slow down the whole log preparation process before the sawline without bringing any additional value for the products. The task is to get rid of the butt-ends as soon as possible at the beginning of the log handling process. FOREST SAWMILL requested a high-performance reducing system without compromises, which does not require additional operation personal. The existing scanner system of the log sorter detects whether a log had to be butt-reduced or not. If so, the log is transferred to the reducing bypass. Due to the fact log turning (top-end or butt-end first) is not required for the further production process, a new butt-reducer system with only one milling shaft in the middle of a cross-conveyor is developed. Therewith the machine can reduce both, logs with top end-first, and those with butt-end first.

The new butt-reducer will be integrated in summer this year.