New portal crane concept at DOLD in Buchenbach

The requirements to sustainable processes are, among others, to improve the ecological efficiency of the company in the long term without affecting competitiveness. Especially log handling with diesel-powered handling machines offers potential for development. HOLTEC took up this task and developed a new log handling concept: a modern, highly flexible and powerful gantry crane based on a fully electric drive concept. The product will be sold under the name VPK Loghandler. For the development of this gantry crane HOLTEC relied on the know-how of an experienced crane building company in the steel industry; the handling machine is provided by SENNEBOGEN. After a project phase of only 9 months, the first HOLTEC VPK 840/36-8 Loghander replaces an old rope gantry crane at Dold Holzwerke in Buchenbach.The new gantry crane concept was successfully put into operation in spring 2023.It combines many advantages: low energy demand and low operating costs, long service life as well as maximum storage capacity in the smallest space.