Third log sorting line for Pinhoser/PT

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For 28 years now Mr. António Fernandes is operating the PINHOSER sawmill with subsequent pallet manufacturing in Serta, about 200 km in the Northeast of Lisbon. The business relationship between HOLTEC and PINHOSER dates back to the year 2010/11, when the Serta site was renewed completely. Back then HOLTEC supplied a high-capacity log sorting line for 2-3 m short logs – adapted to the special requirements of the hard Portuguese maritime pine as well as to cycle times of more than 25 logs / min. In 2015 PINHOSER placed the order for another sorting conveyor at the Palmela site.

The end of 2019 should now see the capacity increase at the Serta site by installing another log sorting line with integrated crosscut saw. The new system is able to cope with a log length of up to 5 m. In addition a new LINCK line is installed which will start its production at the beginning of 2020. The order was placed in December 2018.