Debarker exchange (Rotary Debarker) at Kronospan S.A.

Recently, one of the most challenging projects was the exchange of the rotary debarker at the Kronospan site in Luxembourg where the machine was installed in the OSB mill. It debarks the logs that are subsequently fed to the flaker.

As the machine was completely pre-installed in Hellenthal, a total weight of 80 tons needed to be brought to Luxembourg overnight by heavy-duty transport. The special transport had considerable total dimensions of 25 m in length and 4,5 m in height so that driving was temporarily only possible in walking pace. At site, two heavy-duty cranes (2 x 250 t) lifted the debarker and by means of a special rail system it was finally brought to the right position. Also for the Holtec specialists this task was a huge challenge. A camera team recorded the mission “a giant on the road”.

Track the transport, installation and commissioning in the video