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HOLTEC controls for package crosscut stations

Powerful, easy operation and worldwide proven

As stable and flexible as the execution standard of HOLTEC package crosscut stations is the corresponding control system. From the simple length indication to the fully automated control HOLTEC provides also in this field efficient solutions according to the individual requirements of each operation. Concerning the hardware components HOLTEC trusts in powerful and future-oriented programmable logic controllers from the company SIEMENS.

The following criterions characterize HOLTEC controls in daily operation:

  • constant accurate cutting results
  • fast operation process
  • simple and easy learnable and safe operation
  • high system availability thanks to worldwide available components
  • relieving the working load of the operator as far as possible (relieving degree depending on the system and control variant)
  • saving of cutting programs (as an option)
  • transparent and clear visualisation of the system condition (as an option)
  • flexible extension according to requirement of the system control for integration of strapping systems, barcode scanners, label printing, etc (as an option)
  • failure message, message memory and diagnose possibilities (as an option)
  • remote maintenance (as an option)
  • data link via open bus system for statistics and production protocols (as an option)