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For the economical production of high-quality MDF and OSB it is indispensable to debark the raw material. HOLTEC provides system concepts for all log assortments. Depending on the log dimensions and the required capacity alternative machine combinations are available. HOLTEC is specialised in the integration of ring debarkers (system Valon Kone – Nicholson – Cambio) and the development of a new debarker for industrial logs Type VARIO BARKERTM. The latest generation of industrial log debarker allows variable adjustments to changing requirements, as debarking quality, capacity and surrounding temperature.

The infeed of rotory debarkers with stair feeders was launched by HOLTEC and has meanwhile been realised at more than 20 systems. The technology is proven to be the safest and best infeed device in the wood based panel industry.

Our strength lays also in this case in the total planning and realisation. Benefit from our experience of more than 100 delivered debarking lines for different applications as well as from planning and realisation from one hand.