The HOLTEC success story

Stationary package crosscut saws with double guide bow
The proven solution for cutting packages of timber  

More than 9.000 delivered stationary machines worldwide in over 30 countries - the successful results of a success story for more than 45 years. High cutting accuracy and solid construction distinguish this machine. An ideal distribution of the cutting force ensures clean cuts - package by package. Through the individual choice of the cutting equipment packages of up to 1.75 m x 1.75 m can be cut into length in the desired quality and precision. 

Available as smallest solution with the moveable saw unit Piccolo Opens internal link in current windowPiccolo FSHK, or
with moveable saw unit for marginal space requirements Moveable saw unit ES FSHKES121 F/SHK or with moveable package carriage and individual control Package carriage ES SHKES121 SHK, or
in combination with rollerways ES121 RAK. Customised for your needs and requirements.