The economical solution for the small and medium-size operations.
(cutting capacity approx. 25 - 50.000 m³)

Our product range basic line is all about affordable logyard technology for low to medium performance requirements. Especially for this enterprise size are system concepts necessary that are tailor-made to the requirements of the smaller sized companies. The flexibility and quality evaluation of each log is the most important factor. HOLTEC provides techniques making this possible at affordable cost. Simple and robust conveying sytems for an uncomplicated maintenance and the avoidance of over-engineering which would result in unnecessary high costs for this performance class makes that possible. Benefit from our strong partners with whom we design systems especially to address your needs.

Conveying systems for long logs and short logs

Conveying systems for long logs and short logs

Over the last years HOLTEC developed the widest product range of conveying and transporting systems by far. To the product range belong longitudinal conveyors and cross conveyors in varying types. These systems are especially designed for the needs of small and medium-size companies. This product range comprises:

• Conveyors in one-chain or double-chain design

• Belt conveyors, if required with integrated metal detector

• Rollerways

• Cross conveyors


Feeding and separating systems

Feeding and separating systems

The system capacity essentially depends on an efficient and high-performance infeed system. Regardless of long logs or short logs – HOLTEC provides a wide range of solutions. Also here the rugged design is the most important point. Especially for the handling of long logs experience and detailed knowledge is necessary. Together with our partners we dispose of this knowledge - this is something we have proven hundredfold.

Crosscut lines and crosscut saws

Crosscut lines and crosscut saws

Everything started with cutting logs: For over 30 years and in close cooperation with the company STIHL. From the start with chain saws, now fully automated circular saws are produced - for highest performance in all diameter ranges. As crosscut line, circular saw, chain saw or as combination machine. With belt conveyor or chain conveyors - our experience draws from more than 250 crosscut lines worldwide. Not without being proud we state:

HOLTEC - worldwide the number 1 in cutting logs!

Sorting systems with sorting control

Sorting lines with sorting control

Sorting lines for logs with small, medium and big diameters. In individual design and with the right sorting box concept. In concrete or in steel, as single box or as over-run box.

Concrete boxes / steel boxes / combination boxes with prefabricated concrete parts.

Special solutions with special boxes for log lengths up to 1,0 m for small diameter logs and poles.


Waste handling systems of all types

Waste handling systems of all types

Irrespective of the capacity of the planned system – a waste evacuation system adapted to the application is self-profitable. HOLTEC provides solutions from the scraper conveyor via the waste conveyor in chain execution to the belt conveyor with metal detection.

Electrical control and switch systems / Visualisations

Electrical control and Switch Systems / Visualisations

Also smaller systems in the wood industry are today complex high-tech machines. With customer-oriented solutions HOLTEC provides the corresponding automation. From the switch cabinet construction to the process programming we produce the complete value chain in our own company and therefore, we have under control 100% of what our customers receive.

• Development of customer-specific hardware and software

• Production of electrical components and switch cabinet construction

• Installation and cabling of the delivered systems

• Start-up at site

Debarkers and butt reducers

Debarkers and butt-reducrs

Integration and turn-key deliveries of state-of-the-art debarkers and butt reducers. On demand we supply high-performance debarking and butt-reducing concepts of the market leaders and integrate the systems into the complete process. Electrical control and switchgear systems are included – everything from one source, for minimizing interfaces.

From the knocker-head to the cutter-head debarker from the ring debarker to the sleeve debarker all product alternatives are possible.