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HOLTEC Management

Ute Klement

General Manager: Accounting Department and Human Resources Department

Ute Klement, born in 1969, is the daughter of HOLTEC's founder Peter Klement. Ute grew up with the company and at an early age recognized that the wanted a career within her father's company.

After completing her A- level she showed a strong interest in a financial career. Ute Klement completed an apprenticeship as an Assistant Tax Consultant and after a successful graduation carried on and studied Business Administration in Marburg and Giessen. Along with her financial career, Ute Klement recognized she had a strong interest in Human Resource Management. Ute comments "Human Resources is very interesting and versatile and adds a completely different perspective to the accounting side of the business".

With total responsibility for the Company's Financial Management and Human Resources, Ute Klement is a driving force for HOLTEC's continued growth.

Alexander Gebele

General Manager: Technology Department and Sales & Marketing

Alexander Gebele started with HOLTEC in 1998. Alexander grew up in a sawmiller's family and from an early age was involved with sawmills.

Alexander Gebele completed an apprenticeship as a Wood Processing Engineer. He then studied and completed the Wood Technology course at the University of Applied Science Rosenheim. In 2004 he successfully passed the Executive Master-of-Business-Marketing (MBM) course at the University of Applied Science "Freie Universität Berlin".

With complete responsibility for Sales & Marketing, Innovation, Technology Development and support in Project Management Alexander Gebele is totally involved to ensure customers have their expectations and requirements satisfied.

"To be successful in the market, we have to be well aware of our customers needs" - says Alexander Gebele.