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The company Siegfried GÖLZ, Blumenthal/Eifel (at that time general agency of the company STIHL, Waiblingen for Nordrhein-Westfalen) realizes the upcoming requirement for systems in the sawmill industry. Peter Klement, later general manager and cofounder of HOLTEC, is entrusted with the establishment of a department for sawmill technology. An interesting task for the young graduate engineer from Rosenheim.


The first fully mechanized logyard system is developed together with the company SÄNGER & MASSIERER and installed in the Netherlands.


Foundation of the HOLTEC GmbH & Co. as separate company by the partners company GÖLZ, company SÄNGER & MASSIERER, Uwe Becker and Peter Klement. The department sawmill technology is taken over by the new founded company which is specialized in the plant engineering and construction for the sawmill industry.


The contact to the company STIHL persists: Together the first stationary tilting saws are developed. HOLTEC produces the package crosscut saws in licence order – at a later time the tilting saws are developed further independently. Until today over 8.000 systems have been delivered.


Construction of the office building and the first production hall.


Production and order volume increase. The production area is too small. The production hall is enlarged for the first time.


The partner SÄNGER & MASSIERER leaves the company. Meanwhile HOLTEC employs more than 30 people.


HOLTEC dares to move across the pond and establishes the sales organization HOLTEC USA.


The office building and production facilities burst again at the seams. A second production hall is constructed at the same location. The office building is enlarged, too.


The number of employees has meanwhile increased to over 100 persons. In France the branch BZH (Baljer & Zembrod, HOLTEC) is established. France is next to Germany one of the most important market. The other European markets are treated by independent representatives.


In the newly-formed German states HOLTEC purchases an area with a small hall. In Jänkendorf a further production facility NLO (Niederlassung Ost, i.e. branch east) is established. In future the portable crosscut saws and waste conveyors are produced here. 


Uwe Becker retires from the company due to reasons of age.


The office building is again extended. The production hall II is extended, too.

Entry in the wood-based panel industry with the project KRONOSPAN, Luxembourg.


Also in NLO a further production hall is built. Meanwhile the number of employees is 30. The guide bar production has moved to Jänkendorf and a new production line for stellite armoring of guide bars is constructed.


Peter Klement takes over the shares of the company GÖLZ for the HOLTEC GmbH & Co. KG.


Peter Klement retires from the operative business and passes on the general management to his daughter Ute Klement, business graduate for human resources and finances as well as to Alexander Gebele, graduate engineer / MBA for technology and sales.


Ten years after development of the tilting saw Piccolo the 1.000st saw was delivered to the company JURASSIENNE DES BOIS - BURGUNDY, France.


Planing, delivery and start-up of the first complete OSB system in Jihlava, CZ.


Exceeding of a turnover of 30 million €.


Holzkurier and Timber-Online award HOLTEC the title "supplier of the year 2010 to the wood industry".


HOLTEC celebrates the 40th company anniversary.


At the Jänkendorf site a new manufacturing building with 980 m² is built which connects the two existing halls. The new hall incorporates a new state-of-the-art painting installation with heat recovery as well as a loading area with two gantry cranes for 10 tons each.


The Blumenthal site is mdernized, too. A state-of-the-art painting Installation with heat recovery is installed. By means of the new painting Technology, two-component coatings with a considerably less amount of solvents can be used. This new System is located in an Addition which combines both production halls. The total production area in the main office Blumenthal as well as in the Eastern branch is increased to 10,000 m².