Tradition and responsibility - Our business culture’s guiding principles

We believe in hard work. You always had to work a bit harder in the Eifel to reach your goal. Presumably the region formed us, too.

As a family-owned business with a second generation we had more than 45 years of experience with our customers. We work with passion and enthusiasm. Our experience helped us becoming the TOP supplier in our business divisions. We adhere to our origin and our roots. “Made in Germany” is not only a slogan for us – we provide jobs and create value in our Region.

Employing 160 People at two sites in Germany we develop, design, manufacture and install efficient solutions for the sawmill and veneer industry as well as for the wood based panel and pellet industry. All processes at HOLTEC comply with a strict process orientation certified by the TÜV Rheinland according to DIN ISO 9001. Also our partners are certified by an officially tested quality management.

We rely on innovation by an ongoing process and production optimisation and count on sustainable growth.

Our daily principle: We do more at HOLTEC

We do more for our customers, colleagues and business partners. This is the principle for our daily work. Regardless of what we do and where we do it: Our claim is to do more. More Engagement, more humanity, more effort and more Passion. An active partnership with our customers, with our employees and our suppliers is our ultimate ambition!

We listen to our customers. Nothing is impossible.

Our focus is our customer’s needs. We develop our products for tangible benefit. Longer operating times, higher production capacity, less wear, reduction on operating costs. Good communication with our customers gives us the knowledge and ideas from the market and this is how we succeed in developing all our products.

Today the market leaders in the sawmill and wood based Panel industry use Holtec technology. Staying in Close contact with our customers is selfevident for all departments and the management.

The David Principle: Do not be afraid of the big ones.

We are not the biggest. But we also know that size is not everything. According to the David Principle „Do not be afraid of the big ones.“ we rely on our own virtues to succeed. An open company culture with open doors, good cooperation with our employees and partners as well as the daily motivation and fascination for our work, characterize us. Many small and medium size customers made us what we are now, and we have not forgotten that. The large and small customers are very important for us, as we offer the full product range, from the smallest to the largest plant.

Our objective: To be the best in what we do.

Log handling for the sawmill industry, wood yards for the wood based panel industry, package crosscut saws and excellent services. These four main pillars are the basis for our success - and it will remain that way. To be as good as the world‘s bests means to split the existing resources. With package crosscut saws Holtec has sold over 9,000 systems and is the unchallenged market leader. Log handling, our strengths are flexible solutions for all sizes of operation and in this field Holtec is the most successful in Europe. Today we offer the widest and most differentiated program in the field of log handling. From long logs to short logs, from logs with small diameters to logs with big diameters.

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