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The HOLTEC concept.

Our daily principle: We do more at HOLTEC.

We do more for our customers, colleagues and business partners. This is the principle for our daily work. Regardless of what we do and where we do it: our claim is to do more. An active partnership with our customers, with our employees and our suppliers is our ultimate ambition!


We listen to our customers. It will not work, does not exist.

Our customers are in the foreground of all of our thoughts. We develop our products for our customer's real benefit. Longer operating times, higher capacity, less wear, less operating costs. In order to achieve this we have to actually know the requirements of our customers. We get to know that by listening. Our customers are the best source of ideas as they work daily with our machines and systems. We take this knowledge very seriously and the suggestions from the market are invaluable for us. This is how we succeeded in adapting our products at all. Today the market leaders in the sawmill and wood based panel industry use HOLTEC technology in the largest and fastest systems. For us it is a matter of course that all divisions of the company keep in touch with our customers.


Innovations: Both on the large and small scale.

We promote this motto daily: "If you do not go forwards you go backwards." New ideas and approaches to solutions are what is required. Even solutions that are considered in the market as fully developed are critically questioned.

Example: The v-rollerway was developed which is for many experts the best solution for accelerating logs. Also the stair feeder that has revolutionized the feeding of debarkers in the wood based panel industry. Designs like the eccentric working ejector which offers totally new options for ejecting logs. Also our package crosscut stations that have set the standards for over 30 years. "Cut with a HOLTEC" is a quality attribute in this industry. That our competitors take this up and copy us compliments us. We turn basic concepts upside down that had not not been changed for many years and improve upon them.  Our employees and their ideas are our most important capital.


Our claim: To be the best in what we do.

Who would like to be brilliant in everything remains weak in everything. Log handling for the sawmill industry, package crosscut saws, logyards for the wood based panel industry and an excellent service. These four main pillars are the basis for our success - and it will remain with that way. To be as good as the world's bests means to split the existing resources. With package crosscut saws HOLTEC has more than 8,000 sold. HOLTEC is the unchallenged market leader, and we will maintain this. Log handling, our strengths are flexible solutions for all sizes of operation. In this field HOLTEC is the most successful in Europe. Today we offer the widest and most differentiated program in the field of log handling. From long logs to short logs, from logs with small diameters to logs with big diameters. We continuously monitor world markets to seek new opportunities.


The David Principle: Don't be afraid of the big ones.

We are not the biggest one. But we also know that size is not everything. According to the David Principle "Don't be afraid of the big ones." We rely on our own virtues to succeed. An open company culture with open doors characterizes us.

The many small and medium size companies made us what we are now, and we do not forget that. Today the large systems are a very important pillar, but we do not only concentrate on big projects. Also in future we offer the full product range in all capacities, from the smallest plant to the biggest one. For this we have differentiated our scope of supply. The small sized sawmill finds a suitable solution with "basic-line" and the medium sized plants for the "solid line". The requirements for 3-shift operation are enormous and with our top program we offer "solid-plus". The right product guaranteed for the right operations.