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OSB deicing systems

OSB logyards

Production of OSB is a highly complex process with a continuous flow to all machines and systems - from log handling through to the finished board being packaged for market. If one system breaks down then total production can be stopped. Reliable technology is essential. HOLTEC has proven knowledge in log handling: more than ten debarking and flaker lines for OSB. Solid conveying systems and a holistic engineering design, steel construction and safety requirements - passion for details. This makes the difference. This not only applies to the simple connection of machines, it applies to the complete system. With the complete system harmonized together, the system will have the required availability. We design the logyard according to your individual requirements. With this we integrate all of the machines of leading suppliers (Pallmann, Carmanah, Fuji King, Leonhardt) to perform correctly in all weather conditions. In freezing climates we have also supplied log ponds with heating technology. Feeding the logs into flakers using cranes or excavators and the traditional pocket loader systems are also available from us.

HOLTEC Logponds

  • engineering by Canadian specialists 
  • 3D design
  • conveyor chains North American design
  • construction length up to 70 m
  • log lengths 2 - 4 m
  • capacity 20 - 100 t/h

Delivery including heating technology.

HOLTEC deicing systems

  • log deicing by hot water injection from the top
  • integration before or after the debarker
  • engineering by Canadian specialist 
  • 3D design
  • construction length up to 60 m  
  • log length 2 - 4 m

For further information please download our brochure in pdf format: Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einDownload Prospekt OSB Stamm-Auftauanlagen