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Optimization tree length

In Eastern Europe and especially in Russia are logs also still transported by waterway. The logs are in big barges, often  in mixed species and mixed qualities. Processing these logs efficiently will require a system technology to separate the good quality saw logs, often also in mixed qualities and species. The handling of these logs requires a high demand to the system technology. The good qualities, i.e. the sawable logs have to be separated from the worse qualities.

HOLTEC and the market leader in Russia together developed a special system technology for this particular application. The logs are separately handled and optimized. Saw logs are cut and sorted according to diameter, species and quality. The other logs are cut to standard lengths for the pulp mill or wood based panel mill (PB, MDF or OSB). Depending on the design the systems can achieve an annual capacity of 200,000 to 1,000,000 m³.

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